Puppy Contract 

1. A $ 300 dollar non refundable deposit to hold any puppy. We do NOT take checks we can take credit, debit , paypal or cash in person .  The puppy must be picked up within the buyer and the sellers agreement . 

2. Puppy is to be checked out by buyers vet within 7 days of owner transfer . We will replace your puppy with another of same value if your vet finds a serious genetic defect that has come from our breeding program within the first year after purchase. 

3. up to date vaccines are given to the puppy before the buyer receives the puppy .  If buyer does not continue vaccines on the puppy in the time framed recommended by their vet this contract is void .  I  recommend shots at 6, 9 , 12 weeks and 6 months then yearly after that . 

4. buyer is to provide reasonable veterinary care for his puppy . 

5. the contract is non transferable.

6. We cannot guarantee against common issues that could happen with any breed of dog. such as immunity levels, mites, worms and infections. Giardia , Coccidia, & kennel cough often happen in transport  these conditions are treatable by your veterinarian.   We do not guarantee the hips. 

7. All our puppies are sold as pets we discount our puppies with the intend that they go to good loving family homes but  occasionally we sell puppies with papers for those wanting to maybe breed or show their dog in the future if you wish to breed we recommend talking with your vet to make sure your dog would be a good breedable dog . 

This is a legally binding contract any legal action to enforce this contract must take place in Selmer  Tennessee .